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What exactly is the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge?

The 30-Day Dream Body Challenge is a program designed to help you make significant, sustainable changes to your lifestyle, leading to effective weight loss. It comprises 30 Neuro-Editing audio sessions that work on your subconscious, reshaping your relationship with food and exercise.

What is Neuro-Editing?

Neuro-Editing is an innovative weight loss method that uses principles of hypnosis, neuroplasticity, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It helps create new neural pathways that lead to healthier habits, thus rewiring your brain's response to daily stress and other triggers that might lead to unhealthy eating.

Do I need special equipment to use the Neuro-Editing sessions?

You'll need a pair of headphones to fully experience the Neuro-Editing sessions. The overlapping audio tracks are designed to penetrate deep into your subconscious, and headphones are necessary to capture the full effect.

What if I am not satisfied with the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge?

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the program within the first 60 days, simply contact our support team, and they'll refund your money, no questions asked.

What kind of results can I expect from this program?

While results vary, users have reported significant weight loss, increased self-confidence, healthier relationship with food, and lasting changes in their lifestyle. The Neuro-Editing process aids in achieving these results by reinforcing positive habits subconsciously.

How does Neuro-Editing help me handle stress-induced cravings?

Neuro-Editing restructures your brain's responses at the subconscious level. It aids in forming new, healthy habits and breaking patterns of stress-induced cravings, making it easier for you to make better decisions even under stress.

Does the program require a large time commitment?

Not at all. The program is designed to be flexible, fitting into your daily routine. The Neuro-Editing audio sessions are created to deliver maximum benefits in a manageable time frame.

Is the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge suitable for me if I have a lot of weight to lose?

Absolutely. This program caters to all levels, from those needing to lose just a few pounds to those aiming for significant weight loss. Some of our most successful participants have lost a considerable amount of weight with the program.

Can I repeat the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge if I want to lose more weight?

Yes, you can repeat the program as often as necessary. The Neuro-Editing sessions continue to reinforce and build on the healthy habits you're forming, leading to sustained weight loss.

Is it safe to listen to the Neuro-Editing sessions while driving or operating machines?

No, it's not safe to listen to the Neuro-Editing sessions while driving or operating machinery. The sessions are designed to deeply relax you and could impair your ability to focus on tasks that require full attention. Always ensure you are in a safe, comfortable environment where you can fully relax while listening.

I'm experiencing strong emotions during/after the Neuro-Editing sessions, is this normal?

Yes, it's perfectly normal to experience strong emotions during or after the sessions. Neuro-Editing can bring about profound changes in your thought patterns, which might lead to emotional reactions. If the emotions become overwhelming, we recommend seeking professional help.

Can I use the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge if I am pregnant?

We recommend consulting your doctor or health professional before starting any new weight loss program, including the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have existing health conditions, or are on medication.

Is this program suitable for children?

The 30-Day Dream Body Challenge is intended for adults and is not recommended for children. Always consult with a pediatrician or health professional before starting any weight loss program for a child.

Will I need to follow a strict diet during the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge?

The program encourages healthier eating habits but doesn't prescribe a strict diet. Instead, it's about developing a better relationship with food and making more mindful choices. For any major dietary changes, we always recommend consulting a nutritionist or healthcare professional.

Will the program interfere with any medications I'm taking?

The 30-Day Dream Body Challenge does not involve taking any substances and therefore should not interfere with any medications. However, any change in diet or physical activity can have effects on your health. Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting the program if you are on medication.

What if I need support during the program?

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Whether you have questions or need some encouragement, we're here to support you throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I've just started the 30 Day Challenge, but I find myself eating more. Why is this happening, and will it change?

It's not uncommon for some individuals to experience unexpected reactions when they begin a new therapeutic approach, such as hypnosis for weight loss. One possible explanation for this phenomenon is a psychological concept called "cognitive dissonance."

Cognitive Dissonance Explained: Cognitive dissonance refers to the uncomfortable feeling we experience when holding two conflicting beliefs or when our actions don't align with our beliefs. For instance, on one hand, you have the desire and intention to lose weight and are taking steps (like hypnosis) to achieve that. On the other hand, you might find yourself eating more, which goes against this intention.

This conflict can lead to increased stress and discomfort. Sometimes, in an attempt to reduce this discomfort, individuals might engage in behaviors that further exacerbate the dissonance. In this case, eating more might be a temporary way to cope with the discomfort, even if it's counterproductive in the long run.

How It Relates to Hypnosis: When you start a hypnosis program, your subconscious mind begins to process new information and suggestions. As these new ideas take root, they might clash with old habits and beliefs, leading to cognitive dissonance. Your increased eating might be a temporary reaction to this internal conflict.

Will It Go Away With Time? Yes, as you continue with the 30-Day Challenge and your subconscious mind becomes more aligned with your weight loss goals, the cognitive dissonance should decrease. As this happens, you'll likely find that your eating habits begin to reflect your weight loss intentions more accurately.

What Can You Do?

Awareness: Recognize that this is a natural part of the change process. Understanding cognitive dissonance can help you navigate it more effectively.
Stay Committed: Continue with your hypnosis sessions and bedtime meditations. Over time, the new suggestions will become more integrated, reducing the dissonance.
Seek Support: Talk to us about your experiences. We can offer guidance, or provide additional resources.
Practice Self-compassion: Remember that change is a process, and it's okay to experience ups and downs. Celebrate your progress and be kind to yourself during challenging times.

In summary, experiencing cognitive dissonance when starting a new therapeutic approach is not uncommon. With time, commitment, and support, you can navigate through it and align your actions with your weight loss goals.

What happens if I fall asleep during the hypnosis sessions? Will I still benefit?

Yes, it's still okay to fall asleep during hypnosis sessions for weight loss. Here's why:

Subconscious Absorption: Even if the conscious mind is asleep, the subconscious mind remains receptive. The suggestions given during the hypnosis session can still be absorbed by the subconscious, which plays a significant role in our behaviors, habits, and emotions.

Deep Relaxation: The state of relaxation achieved during hypnosis can be similar to the early stages of sleep. This deep relaxation can help reduce stress, which is often a contributing factor to overeating or unhealthy eating habits. By reducing stress, you might find it easier to make healthier food choices.

Reinforcement Over Time: Consistent exposure to the same positive suggestions, even if you're asleep for some of them, can reinforce the desired behavior over time.

Personalized Approach: Everyone responds differently to hypnosis. For some, being in a semi-awake state might be more effective, while for others, being fully relaxed or asleep might work better. It's essential to pay attention to your body and how you respond.

However, a few considerations to keep in mind:

Active Participation: While the subconscious mind can absorb information during sleep, there might be some benefit to actively participating in the session while awake, at least occasionally. This can help reinforce the suggestions and allow you to be more consciously aware of the changes you're trying to make.

Session Timing: If you consistently fall asleep and are concerned about not getting the full benefit, consider listening to the sessions at a different time of day when you're less likely to fall asleep, such as in the morning or early afternoon.

Track Progress: Keep track of any changes in your eating habits, cravings, or attitudes towards food. This can help you determine if the sessions are effective, whether you're awake or asleep.

In conclusion, while it's okay to fall asleep during weight loss hypnosis sessions, especially if you find them relaxing, you might want to occasionally listen to them while awake to ensure you're getting the maximum benefit.

Why don't you add all your hypnosis sessions to YouTube but instead keep them for members only and make us pay for them?

Great question! There are several compelling reasons for this decision:

Platform Stability: YouTube, while a fantastic platform, can be unpredictable. Channels can be closed or demonetized without notice, which would disrupt access for everyone.

Investment in Quality: Creating these hypnosis sessions is not a simple task. It requires significant time, effort, and financial resources to write, record, and produce each session to ensure the highest quality for listeners. By keeping them exclusive to members, it ensures that I can continue to invest in producing top-notch content.

Continuous Learning and Upgrades: The membership fees support my ongoing education and training. I'm always seeking out new methods, coaching materials, and techniques to enhance the sessions and provide the best possible experience for members.

Psychological Commitment: Studies in psychology have shown that when individuals invest in themselves financially, they are more likely to be committed to the process. By paying for the 30-Day Dream Body Challenge membership, you're not just accessing content; you're making a commitment to yourself. In fact, individuals who invest in such programs are significantly more likely to stay committed than if the content were offered for free.

Exclusivity and Value: Offering these sessions exclusively to members ensures that you're getting unique and specialized content that isn't available to the general public. This exclusivity adds value to your membership and ensures a more personalized experience.

Thank you for understanding and supporting the work that goes into creating these transformative sessions!

Our team is here to help you with any of your questions or concerns. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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