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I’ve been listening to the recordings most days for about 4 months, and I’ve lost more than 30 pounds. It’s helped me stick to a balanced diet and regular exercise routine, keeping me focused on my wellness and helping me crave junk food less. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, David McGraw!

Tara. V

I started with your sessions a month ago and I'm down one pants size already. Thank you so much for presenting such fantastic information in a way that it is easy for everyone to follow!

Elizabeth Runee

I've lost over 30 pounds in the last year, and I haven't done anything special like change my diet on purpose ... it just naturally happens that you'll just start eating better.. no suffering.. I use it for relaxation and reducing stress as well..I truly feel like these meditations work... All my clothes are falling off of me.. clothes I could not fit in last year are baggy, I am slowly and automatically just like he claims will happen.. thank you David for following your calling...

Zipporah Reshel

I was 60 pounds in, needing to lose 100 pounds. Felt like everything was going my way. Then. COVID-19 hit. A year later I was up 19.5 pounds. I stumbled onto this video. All of a sudden I quit grazing in the evening. Three weeks, 6 pounds. I'm a happy girl. Plus, I LOVE this half-hour rest in my day. Thank you, David! Your work has changed my life.

Laura Hodge

I have been listening to these and my clean eating is going well. I have lost 4 1/2 pounds in the last 11 days I am 5f 8in and started at 155 1/2 now 151 with a goal of 145. Thanks for this! I have not been eating sugar and have been exercising! Can't wait to see where I am at day 30.

Rhonda Morton

I have an issue cracking a certain weight number. This technique helps me to break down my inner walls. I lost weight for a surgery with this and now I am going full dreambody I am BEYOND grateful and recommending this to everyone I know since years.


This is so exciting! I did the 30 day challenge back in August. I've since lost 75 pounds.  Thank you David!

Claudia Avalos

This has been life changing from the first night I used it! So very grateful to you for sharing this incredible gift. The next day and everyday since I wake up ready to take care of myself, having the inner motivation to want to without willing myself, just happens naturally. More energy, more confidence, more willingness to become who I know I am inside. Thank you!! Really amazing! It’s been only one week and I’ve gone from doing nothing to exercising each day, eating healthier, down 7 lbs, taking care of my emotional health, reading books I love, watching Gaia, journaling, being a better mom, playing with my kiddos more and so much more!! Thank you thank you

Brianna B

I was taken to such a magical place of peace and healing and I can't thank you enough for that

Laura Bennett

Just a note to say thank you! Since becoming a member to your site I have gone from being homeless, unemployed, overweight, and several diagnoses from the VA, major depressive disorder, PTSD, Bi-polar... It's ALL changed, working the job of my dreams, lost 55 pounds, quit smoking and drinking, got healthy... My whole LIFE has changed! Again, Thank you!

Martin Crow

Thank you so much for all your weight loss sessions! I have listened for only a week now and I don't crave junk food anymore! I feel totally energized when I wake up in the morning and I don't feel depressed anymore. The biggest difference is I have lost 7lbs in this week only another 70lbs to go to hit my goal weight of 12 stone! Update: I've lost 39lbs!

Emma Melaney

Hi David, Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your amazing recordings. I’ve been listening to your recordings almost every night before bed, or during sleep, and I can’t tell you how amazing I feel. My life has changed drastically, I no longer feel depressed, the spiral of negativity is over and I wake up with energy and hunger for doing and achieving more. I continue listening to your recordings to be successful in my job and in sports as well.

Noemi Schalli

I have listened nightly for months now. I have lost 40 pounds, I am exercising daily (walk + weight/cardio routine). I eat less and I’m choosing healthier options. My outlook has completely changed. I was never an exercise type person but now I can’t imagine falling back to how I was. I have 30 pounds left to go. I know this will assist me in reaching that goal. I can’t thank you enough for this David.

Pam M.

I started listening to these about 24 days ago. With an open mind. I'm not sure how, but I've lost 11 pounds. I have been battling losing weight since I hit 54 years old. I will continue listening. Whatever the case I do believe it works Thank you!

Jax Brandt

This has changed my world. I was suffering with anxiety, stress and my weight was yo-yoing for over a year. From day one I felt the shift. Not only am I enthused, the biggest is the losing weight in the mists of anxiety have almost disappeared. I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift!


David, I continue to use your amazing sessions religiously and have been telling everyone I know about them. I can feel a huge difference when I skip a day or two. ‬Your sessions are the best and just most wonderful I have ever experienced in my life. I listen to them religiously. They’re so pure and echo divine truth at once. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I can’t wait to check out more of your visualizations! Blessings

Miriam Chemmos - Musician & Actress

I've been a member for years now and would honestly never be without it! No matter what is happening in your life, on any given day you can find exactly the right meditation that you need. I can't quite put into words the impact these meditations have had (and continue to have) on my life. I recommend becoming a member to everyone!

Stacey Hill

Hi David, Quick message to let you know that I love all of your sessions!

Dipti Metha - Multiple Award Winning Actress - Star on One Life To Live

David is my Positivity Coach! I truly resonate with his material and trust him fully. I listen to David's sessions every day.

Liza Wisner - Radio Host and Contestant on The Apprentice

Okay I had been listening to this for over a month and hadn’t noticed big changes.  It’s also been life changing that losing weight is secondary now. I’m so much more focused on taking care of my body, enjoying food and enjoying exercise. I appreciate this change in perspective way more than any weight I have lost. Thanks SO much for this hypnosis!


I’ve combined this with healthy eating, drinking water, and dancing 10,000 steps daily . My weight loss is steady downward . So far 26 pounds lost and 30 more to go!

Vicki Bellis

Completed the challenge today. Lost 7.2lbs. After two days of listening, I was making healthier food choices and didn't have any desire to snack. Just in the last week, I started to incorporate exercise and have 4 times in the last 6 days. I do have 19lbs more to lose, so no harm in continuing to listen. Thanks David! 

Cyn V

Thank you so much for this! I was very sceptical at first and wasn't expecting any weight loss to come from this, I just liked falling asleep to your voice. But I have actually lost 8 pounds since starting this about 3 weeks ago!

Adel Myra

I started this 7 days ago and I have lost 7lbs so far. I have not changed anything, just listening to the sessions before i go to bed.. absolutely fabulous.. Gonna do it for the 30 days to see how much I will lose. Thank you thank you 🙂

M Villa

30 days done today.. Lost 13pounds, while also exercising 5 days a week and eating healthy. Listening every never struggling with food, not had anything sweet in a month and not craving it at all. I see my ideal body and my mind is fixated on it which is why I'm finding it easy to control my body and what goes in it. It's all about the mind! And this hypnosis will put your mind where it needs to be for you to succeed.

Mia Akin

This is amazing!. I did it for 30 days last year and lost 39 pounds. gained it back when I was on crutches. restarted last week, heard things I didn't year last time. So far I've lost 7 pounds. shorts i couldn't get past my hips are now baggy. thanks Mr. McGraw

Latosha Warren

So well done, cant tell u how much I enjoyed this, I do plan to take the full challenge, very smart David to address underlying reasons for weight gain. felt tingly in this session,, not sure what it was, but It definitely felt positive.. thank you!

Donna Hancock

I literally lost 10lbs this week. What in the Alfred Hitchcock is going on? I am in for life!

Kelly G

I’ve come back to this again after gaining weight while sick. It took me months to break the binge eating cycle again but, I’ve been listening to this almost every night before I sleep for 4 weeks now, and the changes not only with 9kgs weight loss but in my eating habits has been something I won’t forget. I don’t binge eat anymore. Ever. so grateful!


This is amazing! I've been listening for 19 days and they make me feel so relaxed and calm, happy and trustful. It kind of cleanse my body, energy and I got rid of the bad rooted affirmations. I've lost 2 kgs and I started listening to my body, I eat only when I'm hungry, sometimes I eat so much one day and the next one I feel skinnier, other days I'm not even hungry. I'm not afraid of gaining weight and I think only in a positive way. I allow myself to enjoy some foods when I feel a carving for them, but I started finding many of them gross. I'm not obsessed of weighing myself and I feel skinnier no matter what the scale says. THANK YOU

Irene Ruth

I’ve lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, and I crave things that are good for me. These meditations are really good!

Mack Bourgo

I listen to these sessions as a matter of habit when I am facing personal and professional challenges. I have previewed many of David McGraw's programs and recommend him highly to patients and friends.

Dr. Ahimsa Porter

Hi David, I've been a member for 6 years! Your recordings have helped me so much in my life to overcome my fears and pursue my dreams! I've come a long way with my vision, and believing in myself! Your service is truly useful to me, and I love all of your recordings so much!

Andrea Taylor

I have a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and David McGraw’s are the only ones that meet my standards. They are well-thought out and excellent plus he has a great hypnotic voice.

Dr. Kathryn Brenson

These are my favorite hypnosis sessions of all times! I tried many, but nothing compares! I feel like I get a soul-massage, all stress leaves me and I become overall happy, positive and peaceful! It aided me to lose 10lbs as I felt much stronger in my diet

Seda Aygun

I've been listening every day for over a month. I've lost ten pounds. I've also reduced my carbs and calories and I'm trying to stay in an exercise routine. My diabetes numbers are excellent now!

Louise Pape

I first tried this challenge on 7/17. I weighed in at 195. Did the audios Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and will again today. So far so good: 7/17 195 lbs, 7/20 191 lbs
A 4 lbs loss is amazing!

Jennifer Johnson

Ive listened to many hypnosis and subliminal videos/audios in the past, none had made me relax as much as yours did. Also, with just one listening last night, I've just had zero cravings today, with about 80% reduced appetite. I'm the kind of person that has endless appetite. I can usually eat until my stomach is about to explode yet still have appetite......But I've just had a meal size that a normal girl would eat tonight and I felt so full!!!. This is really magical. 


Been listening to this as I fall asleep for the last month as well as intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 20 pounds. Super powerful!!!

Peter Williams

Can I start by saying thank you so much for giving me my life back listening to this since Monday today Wednesday at night time and never have I jumped out of bed at 7am to do a workout (jump rope) and loving it instead of sitting in bed or couch in this lock down this has made me if anything enjoy exercise and for that I am so grateful early stages or baby steps but I'm loving it

Val Swift

3 months listening to this almost daily. Cheerfully walking daily, eating healthier food and smaller portions, down 25 pounds. I look forward to updating this comment in another 3 months. Thank you for this wonderful guidance


This honestly works. I have listened to this every single night for the last 27 nights and I went from 146 to 136lbs. I’m not new to exercise or dieting so most of it was fat loss, not water weight. Thank you so much!!! This makes me crave junk food a lot less. I’m so happy I found this 🙂

Nadia Zahran

In about 40 days was 157 pounds now I'm 147 I listen every night to sleep I will continue to do so


Amazing! 3 half stone since march its now September! Wow your voice is absolutely beautiful so calming so reassuring with your help I know I can do it. Good luck to everyone out there keep strong, believe in yourself we can all do it


I’ve used this for the last two years and magically my weight goes down to lose those added 10 to 15 pounds. This is the addition to your diet that works! I love your voice David McGraw.... thank you!

Elizabeth Runee

I listened to this for 21 days in Nov. I lost 115 lbs (from 316 lbs to 201 lbs) and I've kept it off for over 2 years. I now run 5 miles every day. Life changing! I'm almost finished writing a book about how I lost the weight and kept it off without dieting while continuing to eat as much of anything as I want. I just want different things now. My relationship to food has changed and it all started with this.

Geoff Young

First time through I lost 7lbs in 13 days... then stuff happened and stopped listening.. I GAINED 15LBS BACK. Starting again on day 2 and have lost 4lbs!! It's magic. I will be listening to this until I hit my goal weight!! Thank you!

Emily Goulet

I listened to these hypnosis sessions for about 20-25 days and impressive changes started in my life! I have lost 4 kilos, but most importantly, I trust myself more and I was very stressed with other people's problems, but I am not so much any more. This has helped me tremendously! Thank you!


I've been listening for a few weeks..I've lost 10lbs...thank you!

Barbara Walker

I have been listening for 2 weeks and am down 20 lbs. I no longer have sweet cravings and am eating very healthy. I drive a semi truck so my lifestyle had been bad with just grab and run fast food and irregular sleep . Exercise is is still an issue because there is usually not a safe place for me to even go for a walk. I put the program on loop and listen to it the whole time I am sleeping. My sweetheart laughed at me when I first started but now he only laughs because my pants are falling off ! He is now listening also

Lois Thompson

I discovered this video around 6 months ago. It works. I have since added to my routine of achieving my health goals a health coach a certified nutrition expert. I have lost 2 pants sizes. How your clothes fit and your energy levels is more important than weight loss. I now have added a personal exercise trainer. Workout at least 2 times per week. All of this combined translates into healthy life transformation. No longer on diabetic meds.


Sooo been listening to this for 7 months and have lost 70 lbs so far!

Brandy McNeely

I am so grateful to u David for this video. It's amazing. I have lost 10kg in a month


I did not believe in hypnosis until I saw it in person, so I decided to try sleep hypnosis for weight loss. It's only been 2 days and I haven't weighed myself yet, but I definitely feel cleaner on the inside. I don't crave junk food and it's helped with anxiety. My heart doesn't race and I don't get sharp pains in my chest when I think about school and things I have to do. I can literally feel my heart beating at a safe and even pace when I put my hand over it. Can't wait for the next 28 days!

Sarah Morris

Hey, I only started listening to this 3 weeks ago and somehow went from reducing to stopping drinking altogether, also started cutting out carbs and eating much healthier, Keto ish is suiting me and I’ve lost 4.5 kgs ...struggling through peri menopause and border line diabetic....can’t wait for my next blood tests I have a new addiction, David McGraw’s voice and I’m confident I’ll reach my ideal weight before Christmas I’ll update you on progress in a few weeks. Cheers David

Lila Campbell

I have never been a fan of the gym.... exercise hahaha yeah right. Ever since I started listening to this on July 2nd, I have worked out every day, effortlessly and excited too, I have already lost 17lbs. I also quit smoking cigarettes. I have smoked for 15 years. Thankful for this wonderful guide of your hypnosis.

Lisa Everhart

I have listened to this in conjunction with eating healthier, drinking water, and exercising six days a week. I have lost 33.5 pounds! I am pumped!

Tracey Seace

I've been listening for the past seven nights. I feel less impulse for eating crappy foods just because I'm too lazy to prepare something healthier. I've only drank water and no sodas or sugary drinks. I feel energized during the day. I've been taking our dogs for walks instead of making my kids do it.
I've lost seven pounds!
I have severe insomnia. It's hard to stay on a med routine to help me sleep. But, for the past seven nights, I've fallen asleep listening to AND, I've stayed asleep!
I hope it continues to help. I'll comment again in a week or so

Lisa Mylynn

Thank you David McGraw, for making this available to the world, I have listened to many many motivational audios and hypnosis sessions to change various aspects of my life including weight loss which I struggled with since I can remember and none of them worked or only worked for a short time and I was not driven to listen to them anymore, However, with your audios I feel soo relaxed that I wish I could stay home and listen to them all day. I just started to listen to this 4 days ago, and already have notice some positive changes, I was caffeine and junk food dependent even after a gastric bypass surgery I don't have the cravings since I started listening to your audio.
Thank you again. I will continue to listen for 30 days

Sara Salas

I have never lost so much weight. Of course I am doing exercise but never had the control of my diet but with your hypnosis, I have controlled my diet and I am losing weight. Thank you so much, David!

Priyanka Sonowal

Hello David I want to say thank you.  I'm in day 4 and was able to control my cravings for food when I'm not hungry. I love your voice and it really gets in my mind. I feel you are right next to me in a dark rom supporting me. I feel much more relaxed and can organized me thoughts too. I feel comfortable with your program. I have also recommended it to my friends who one has had panic attacks in the past 5 months. Thank you very much.

Maria M

I don't pretend to know how or why this works and i really never thought it would but i though to myself ''i have nothing to lose i will try it'' in a week I have lost 8lb. Not only has my appetite gone but i sleep better and just feel a lot better in myself. If I lose another 11lb im at my ideal healthy weight. I am baffled and in shock but most of all I am happy  x thank you x

Kayleigh H

I started listening 13 days ago and immediately I had zero cravings. Wine, sugar, chips, carbs,...All totally gone the first day. It took me a few days to even realize they were gone and I was eating better. I can not explain it, I don't care and I have now been listening twice a day most days just to reinforce it when I have time ( I'm making time because I'm so impressed). I have been on every detox, 30 day whole food, anti this and that to quell cravings...this worked for me from day 1! My mood is through the roof because my diet is so clean. I sleep 2 less hours a day. I know I sound like a hysterical freak but for some reason it WORKED. Some days I go into a trancelike state. Some times I fall asleep. Sometimes I listen to the words more. Sometimes I have such monkey mind I hardly pay attention. I just doesn't seem to matter. Maybe I'm lucky. I don't care. I'm the first to call Bologna on something hokey. I just had to say that this worked.


These audio hypnosis sessions are so much more than losing weight... This is my 7th day of the 30 Day Challenge. I listen to at bedtime - both at night and in the morning. The last few nights, I've been falling asleep immediately. In the morning, I listen to it again and start my day feeling calm. My husband and boss have both noticed that I appear to be less agitated. I feel more aware of my thoughts and actions, taking back my control. I think less about food and haven't had any episodes of mindless night time eating. I am more aware of what and how I eat, making better choices and eating slowly to savor the flavor. And yes, I have been losing weight. This 30 day challenge will end right before my 60th birthday. What a gift to myself!!!

Christelle Lindewall

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